Garden Matching Game: Great for Earth Day by kidz game ebooks

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The printable includes a printed backing paper. To use the backing page, turn the printed alphabet puzzles pages. Turn over and place them back into the printer to print the background onto the other side – note, this is optional, if your cardstock is thick enough, you may choose not to print the background.



This printable garden matching game is great for developing concentration, memory, vocabulary and social skills associated with game play – such as turn taking and being a gracious winner or loser! It can be played a number of different ways, with children of all ages, and you’ll find suggestions for playing with toddlers through to early elementary/primary grade students below.

The printable card set includes a total of 24 cards- twelve picture and twelve word cards, with each pair featuring a gardening related picture and word. The set also includes a pretty backing paper. You’ll find download and printing instructions at the end of this post.


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